May 2, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Vinos on Galt
3312 NE 32nd street
Erin Fontes

Join us on Thursday, May 2 from 7-10pm as Vinos welcomes Kiowa ‘T-cat’.

A $5 cover charge will be added to each guest ticket so that we can continue to support our very talented local live music scene.

” Kiowa is the most important artist recording and touring today who has yet to reach a mass audience.”

—- Kenneth Jackson, founder, Crazy Baby Records also musical writer for P Diddy

” Kiowa is the love child Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin never had.

With a powerful, acrobatic voice that embodies the spirit and voices of all major artists. And guitar chops that would make some of the best guitarists ever proud, Kiowa is a one-of-a-kind entertainer who truly deserves to be heard. ”

Quote from Audio Pages

Albany, GA

Teri “Kiowa” Catlin

(pronounced like Iowa with a K) is a International touring artist that gives back to the children, planet, people, and animals! His music has always maintained a positive focus on human welfare, animals and the environment.

Few singers have such heart and soul, that the sound of their voice brings a story to life right before our eyes. Kiowa is one of these rare artists, a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist in the rock/R&B tradition whose music is original and authentic–and a live performer whose stage presence is captivating and charismatic.

He is self taught and writes, produces, plays all the parts of his music ( Drums, Bass, Piano, String and brass arrangements, Lead/Rhythm Guitars, all Vocals etc.) He has been a staple in S. Florida for over 20 years. And has garnered a huge loyal fan base.

He performs solo or as a duo. And has also added a talented drummer, bassist, saxophone, cellist, background singers and keyboardist to form his backup band. They’ve toured the US, Canada and South America and are known for their electrifying performances.